The radical solution for enhanced quality and efficiency of your product

Quick & Easy

Our radical approach takes no time to add new automated tests, all using web interface and elementary inputs.

Modular & Reusable

Write once and reuse, We provident modular way to write new actions and add new elements so they can be reusable whenever required.

Organised Test Suites

Tests can be organised as per features and actions. Action elements can be saved with readable names for further reusability and easy.

Platform for next-generation test automation

Cross browser Testing

Use user-like workflows on real browsers to automate your web application.

Data Driven Testing

For a single test-case, upload several test-data. Enhance tests to run on multiple data sets.

Parallel Execution

Parallelize execution across real and virtual devices and browsers.

Accelerated Execution

Test execution on the radical test is lightning fast, beating local test execution times.

Identifier Chrome Plugin

Use our chrome plugin that generates optimized element identifier & in-turn reduces test automation & maintenance time

  • Use Radicaltest chrome plugin to automatically generate the optimized element identifier.
  • Directly add the new elements from plugin to element repository.
  • Saves along with element image for easy recognition to make any changes later.
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