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Locating elements for automation

17, March - 2022

Automation for web and app would mean interacting with different elements of the product and performing different actions on these elements. This would need…

Page Object Model

10, March - 2022

Writing test automation can only be guileless if developers agree they don’t touch the features that are automated. Though this can be dream come…

Keyword Driven Framework

10, March - 2022

Automation testing using keywords to wrap the code behind the scenes to create a framework is keyword driven framework. User can interact with the…

Locating element using ID, Name, Class name, Tag, Link Text & Partial Link text

3, March - 2022

In our previous blog, we walked through different ways to locate elements on web or app. We will be looking at locating elements using…

Data Driven Framework

24, February - 2022

Automation testing revolves around data, as data plays a vital role in managing the automation framework. Apart from developing a reliable automation framework, maintaining…

Does test automation needs language expertise or conceptual expertise?

17, February - 2022

There will be different perspectives on this, below are few things which should help to be a good test automation engineer. Taking a real…

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