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When to start testing?

10, February - 2022

Before getting an answer to this, let’s look into widespread practise. When do we start testing? Usually testers, tend to start testing once a…

Automation Helps !?

3, February - 2022

‘Let robots do the work’ is the common phrase now floating on the technology floor. Test automation can be considered as robot of testing.…

Get started with test automation

27, January - 2022

Automating test cases is beneficial but if not done right can prove effort draining exercise for team. Before getting started with test automation its…

What to Automate and What not to Automate?

24, January - 2022

The one obvious question that comes up to the mind is, can automation testing remove all the manual efforts? Can we automate everything and…

Designing test automation framework is team activity

22, January - 2021

Test automation framework is defining how your product testing will be automated. It plays a vital role in success of test automation. If planned…

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