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Add elements using plugin

Here is how you can locate an element using our Radical Test Element Identifier plugin:
  1. Open Radical Test app in chrome browser
  2. Login using your credentials
  3. Select the project from the left menu
  4. All the elements will be added as part of this project
  5. Now open another browser window in chrome
  6. Open the web app that needs to be automated
  7. Click on Radical Test plugin in the top right corner and select Start
  8. Now the plugin is activated
  9. You can right click on any element and locate its unique CSS identifier
  10. On right click, a pop-up appears with the selected element
  11. Enter the name of the element and click on Save
  12. This adds the element in the respective project under Elements section
  13. Or to discard the changes just close the pop-up

The same technique can be used to add any number of elements into the project

To disable the Plugin click on the plugin icon and click on Stop button, this will disable the plugin

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