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Test Structure

  • A project can have multiple scenarios
  • Multiple users can use a single project
  • Each scenario comprises of actions
  • A scenario can have one or more actions, it is mandatory for every scenario to have at least one action
  • Each Action comprises of steps
  • Each action can have one or more steps,it is mandatory for every action to have at least one step
  • Actions can be used across the project to reduce duplicate steps
  • Steps are predefined selenium objects, supported in most of the web browsers
  • Steps comprises of Step Element and Value
  • Step element and value change as per step selected
Step Element (Element):
  • Step element has a name and a value, both are mandatory
  • Element name can be any string, its mandatory that’s the element name is unique
  • Element value should be a CSS identifier (we do not support XPATH’s for now)
Value (Test Data):
  • Test data depends on the step selected from the drop menu
  • It can be a string which can contains alphabets, numbers, special characters
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