Existing automation to Radical Test

Approaches to move from existing automation to Radical Test:

  • We suggest to first start using Radical test for automating any new test scenarios and continue running your existing automation solution for older tests
  • Once you get familiar with Radical test, plan for moving existing tests can be as below:
  • Script migration for test data like element identifiers and test parameters
  • Adding product actions that as are used across tests
  • Adding existing tests using pre added product actions and test data
  • Radical test team can provide full support in making this migration smooth

Why migrate existing test suite to Radical Test:

  • Moving to code less automation will enable anyone in testing team to add and manage test automation
  • No need test execution platforms with Radical test you get popular browsers options to run test on
  • Only one time migration efforts will significantly reduce need of technical expertise to automate tests and team can focus more on product quality through exploratory testing
  • No more need to any manual efforts in product regression in release cycles