Simplify test automation with Radical Test.

Reusable Actions & Elements

Add product actions and elements that can be reused in multiple test scenarios later on.

For changes in product, it only required to update actions or elements at single place and all test scenarios using them will use new actions or elements.

This makes adding and maintaining test scenarios super simple.

Identifier chrome plugin

Use Radical Test chrome plugin to automatically generate the optimised element identifier.

Directly add the new elements from plugin to element repository.

Saves along with element image for easy recognition to make any changes later.

Save Configs

Create and save configs with multiple platforms to run your tests.

Reuse earlier saved configs next time your run tests.

Select different configs to run for different test scenarios.

Live logs

Track you test run soon after it starts through live logs and get informed of any failures without waiting for run to over.

Early feedback on test run can help to decide on aborting current run and start new with required fixes.

Test Reports

Simple and comprehensive report of completed test runs.

Clear details of any failure with screenshots to help you debug the error.

Filters to focus on failed, passed or skipped test.

Informs how much time every test takes to run.

Work Collectively

Write or run tests in collaboration with other team members.

Get notified of activities by team members

Access the scenarios and test run reports added by team for your project.

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